Data loss prevention



Data leakage can have an incredibly negative impact on an organization’s brand, customer trust, and resources, potentially resulting in legal liability, lawsuits, fines, penalties. Because of the potential effects of a data leakage, simply reporting a leak is not sufficient. Prevention is required to ensure digital assets are secured and to demonstrate that an organization is exercising adequate care to avert the loss of their digital assets.

Network data leakage prevention is the process of stopping the unauthorized disclosure of digital assets out of computer networks, regardless of the channel of communication. This process is typically implemented to protect digital assets, intellectual property, personal identity information, financial information, sensitive/protected data and enables an organization to detect and prevent potentially harmful leaks.

To ensure an organization’s digital assets are well protected, it is important to choose a full-featured network DLP solution. Many solutions in the data leakage prevention marketplace today are more akin to monitoring and alerting solutions, able to alert when data has been leaked, but can not do anything about it or can only take action in a small number of circumstances. To actually protect digital assets, it is imperative to implement a solution that not only identifies but prevents a leak before it occurs. The following key attributes of DLP are:

·         Monitors content, user, system and drive activity

·         Monitors all tcp traffic and stored data

·         Protects content on the network, desktop

·         Stops damaging information outflow

·         Easy custom category creation

·         Full and partial file matching

·         Exact content match

·         Correlation of suspicious activity

·         Advanced search capability

·         Highlighting, risk dashboards and reporting

·         Investigation management and forensic analysis tools

·         Real-time identity match

·         Exact replica of original event

·         Centralized system management

·         Flexible policy and data management



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